Monday, October 17, 2011

Chats and Kits

Well, a funny thing happened in our house this week. We have a kitten...a 3 week old kitten.
Now...that may not seem so funny, but when you consider that 3/4 of our family is allergic, we already are too busy as it is, and the kitten was sorta pushed on us....well, it's funny. And not always "funny ha ha."  But it is really cute and we are enjoying having it around. For now it is inside but hopefully will have no problem transitioning out when it gets big enough! (It's always nice to be able to breathe, after all!)

And finally the little girl makes an appearance. This kiddo makes me laugh...A LOT! She is always saying something funny for sure!

And one more, just a little learning time fun with a new kit coming out on Monday. 

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