Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Well, we have had our first experience with a child breaking a bone. This past week a series of unfortunate events led to Ellie with her leg in a cast. She jumped into daddy's unsuspecting arms. He grabbed her with Spiderman-like reflexes, saving her jump. Unfortunately, as he twisted to snag her out of the air, his chair broke and they both went down.
She has done well with the imposed bedrest, but is beginning to get adventurous as the pain decreases. This should be quite the 4-6 weeks! We are so thankful for friends who have lent us a stroller for the duration...going for walks will help ameliorate the wiggles.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Adventure in the Karpaz

Sometimes you just need a break. And sometimes that break turns into something else all together! Thus was last weekend's adventure. It was a glorious day full of beautiful spring growth and warming temperatures. It also involved two flat tires and the blessed help of those passing by. We also discovered the most beautiful beach just over the hill from our second break down. Soaking up its beauty and the calming presence of God made the day completely worthwhile. Sometimes we just need to be stopped to be refreshed, yes?

A Gem from the Not so Distant Past

This week I was putting together our 2010 family book of scrapbook pages and combed through last year's photos for important events that had been left out. i came across this shot...not absolutely perfect as photos go, but a great memory. Nev in our Living Last Supper play...her first shot on the stage (she was unsure at practice but ended up LOVING the performances), first make-up, it was so fun for all of us to be involved. And then I was struck by just how much she has changed...amazing what a difference a year makes!